Friday, April 23, 2010

The Magic of Meditating

“Totally amazing; The stress is gone; I began with aches and pains and afterwards I felt so much better; Life altering.” These comments are from people who just participated in a guided meditation – for fifteen minutes!

While co-writing my first book, I put my practice of facilitating meditations on hold. The main focus for some time has been in dealing with agents, editors, writing and re-writing. Everything became all about the book instead of all about the work that the book is written about!

I lost myself for awhile, but I’m back. I’ve just completed the forth in a series of meditation sessions that I’m holding locally. I’ve missed facilitating these sessions and seeing lives transformed. I’ve missed witnessing the magic of meditating.

There seems to be a ground swell of interest in meditating now. Maybe it’s because people are more informed and understand the value in it. Or maybe it’s because so many of us have the need to calm ourselves at the deepest level – unplugging from our fast paced, stress-filled lives.

Guided meditations are a clearing house for the mind. No matter what has been weighing in on your thoughts, you can get rid of it altogether, or view a new perspective that will bring you much needed relief.

Look how much energy we expend out of necessity to get through every day. How easily we forget the most important area of all - our spiritual side. Not religious mind you, but spiritual. We simply don’t give it any attention at all.

In order to function at our optimum, we must occasionally quiet our minds and bodies, close our eyes and just…be. That little exercise ushers in our spiritual side. Does that sound airy-fairy? Maybe, but find a guided meditation group and try it out for yourself. Feed your mind and body deep rest for a few minutes and experience the difference in the quality of how you feel. It’s amazing.

Valuable spiritual knowledge can be gained from a simple, posed question during a guided meditation. A case in point… The question I posed to all participants while everyone was very deeply relaxed at our last meditation was “What is your life’s purpose?” The answers that were forthcoming created a remarkable shift in thought for some people. For others, it was validation, and still for others, a very new way to look at their lives. It’s experiences like these that show the true magic of meditating.

Have you ever wondered what your life’s purpose is?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

We've All Been Here Before...

Have you ever met someone for the first time and feel you’ve known them all your life? Or, possibly for no apparent reason you’re drawn to a particular country – a country that you’ve never been to before? These are flags that show we’ve lived previously – in other places, other lifetimes.

Being open to the concept of past lives is the key to healing many of our issues, both physical and emotional as in phobias, fears, and anxiety. Past-life experiences are commonly the root cause of our current life issues. Through recognizing the past life connection, we have an amazing ability to heal ourselves.

How do we illuminate these past-life experiences? Meditation is one very good way to retrieve the information. A guided meditation is a wonderful, deeply relaxing method that can bring forth any past-life experience related to your current life issue.

A more in-depth way to attain past life information is through a past-life regression using the tool of hypnosis. Retrieving information in this manner is very specific and more in-depth. Both methods have great potential to bring about healing.

We’ve all been here before…and more and more of us are becoming aware of it. This knowledge makes the journey of life an enlightened one, full of healing potential.